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Aw – get over it!

May 15, 2009

Today’s institution used to make hilarious tv ads when I was doing my undergraduate degree.  Being ‘down south’ in New Zealand and in a very cold winter climate often put students off going here, so they launched the ‘Get over it’ campaign (perhaps some of it is on YouTube?).

The university whose research I am highlighting today is based in the South Island of New Zealand, it has a vast campus and specialises in the areas of Business, Medical Sciences, Arts and Sciences – they also contain one of New Zealand’s Medical schools and Dentistry schools. It is

The University of Otaaaagoooo (i.e Otago)

I actually had to wait for the article I was going to write about since it was coming from ‘elsewhere’ – although that doesn’t explain why it took me so long to write about it….  It is a nice short one and of a format that I personally am not used to seeing in academic databases.  It is:

Tribble, E.B., (2008), Shakespeare, Memory and Performance, Shakespeare, 4(1), 99-101

The first thing that grabbed me was the author’s name – Tribble – how cool is that?!  It engendered images of someone small, warm and fuzzy.  My apologies E.B. Tribble, but you have an adorable surname:

A multitude of Tribbles

A multitude of Tribbles

The second thing I noticed is that this article is a book review, now typically I mostly read book reviews on fiction novels not works of non-fiction so this was a bit new for me.  Although perhaps I sometimes discount scientific book reviews as they are part of work…

Tribble mostly has praise for the author of the original work (Peter Holland) but I cannot comment on their critique as I have not read the work and I feel it may be a bit of a struggle for my dilettantic brain cells.  While Shakespeare was more fun when I was younger, now it is a struggle to find the time to appreciate his prose and other ‘stuff’.  My taste runs more to fantasy and sci fi these days, while non-fiction (outside of work) consists of auto- and biographies.  My latest one is ‘Wrestling the Dragon’ by Gaby Naher about the next Dalai Lama – very interesting read!!

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